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Product Name: Steampunk Corset

Color: Black、brown

Size:S to 6XL

Note: This faux brown leather medieval inspired overbust steel boned corset has a deep plunging neckline which will support your bust and show off your cleavage! The bronze chain detail adds to the medieval look! As this corset is so roomy in the bust we do advise that the style is more appropriate for a larger bust.

Waist circumference method:

standing straight, natural state, measuring 3or4 cm above the navel(The smallest position of the waist)

Size selection:

Size selection: xxs code can bundle the waist to 53 cm, suitable for waist circumference 55 to 62 cm. The minimum waist circumference of the XS code is about 58 cm, suitable for waist circumference 61 to 66 cm. The minimum waist circumference of the S code is about 63 cm, suitable for waist circumference 66 to 72 cm. The minimum waist size of the M code is about 68 cm, suitable for waist circumference 73 to 78. cm. The L code has a minimum waist size of about 73 cm and is suitable for a waist circumference of 78 to 84 cm. The XL code has a minimum waist circumference of about 78 cm and is suitable for a waist circumference of 85 to 90 cm. The XXL code has a minimum waist circumference of about 83 cm and is suitable for a waist circumference of 90 to 95. Each The code is about 5 cm apart, and so on.

Wear a corset:   

Loosen the strap on the back of the garment and loosen it in parallel to maximize the release. After sticking to the body, first buckle the steel buckle on the upper end of the front of the garment, then squeeze the remaining steel buckles and buckle them at the same time. Then ask someone to pull the strap on the back of the dress. When someone else pulls the strap on the back of the garment, you can inhale until you reach a satisfactory waistline. After the straps on the back are tightened, they can be crossed on the back and then wrapped around the front of the body to tie the knot. 


1. Can I return or exchange?
Can be returned or exchanged. However, the need for clothes does not affect the sale to other customers, and you need to bear the shipping costs. Of course, if there is a quality problem with the goods themselves, the return shipping costs will be borne by the store.
2.What is the difference between a style with a chest and a style without a chest?
The style of the wrapped chest is wrapped in the chest, and the style without the chest is only tied to the waist, not wrapped in the chest. If you have a large belly, it is not recommended to buy a style with a wrapped chest, because the style of the wrapped chest will be bulged in the abdomen after the waist is pulled down, making the hem of the garment look up. Of course, if the abdomen is not large, this phenomenon does not generally occur.
3. What is the difference between steel and plastic bone?
Compared with the plastic bone, the hardness of the steel and the plastic bone are the same. The difference is almost invisible from the outside, but the bone of the steel bone is not deformed, and it is more durable than the plastic bone.
4. Is it uncomfortable for such clothes to be worn? Does the clothes have a long life? How long does it take to wear every day? Need to clean before wearing?
This corset has no stretch, and it relies on pulling the drawstring behind it to close the waist. The tighter the tension, the more uncomfortable it is. Due to the friction work in a large pressing environment all day, its life is shorter than the clothes we usually wear. On our first day, it is best to wear only one hour, and then increase it day by day until you get used to the pressure of clothing. After getting used to it, you can wear it for a long time every day, even when you sleep. You can not wash it when trying on it, but you must wash it before you wear it. Remember to wash by hand, not machine washable. Do not soak for a long time. Wash with soap. Do not wash with washing powder. Because washing powder is corrosive, it will hurt the clothes.
5. How to distinguish the upper and lower ends of the clothes?
There is a label or two loops inside the garment. These two loops are used to suspend the shoulder straps, but they are actually useless.
6.Will this corset make the waistline of the permanently smaller?
The waistline will become smaller, but it will take several months to be effective, and people are very hard. Please be prepared to suffer
7. Why do I feel that I have received a steel-breasted corset like a plastic bone?
The steel bone is a spiral soft steel that can rotate 360 degrees and is even softer than plastic bone. If you suspect that it is not a steel bone, you can remove the needle thread from the hem of the garment and pull the steel bone out without hurting the fabric, but remember to re-sewn it after you have seen it.
8.The belt behind the clothes was taken away by me. How to tie it back?
There are no special requirements for the strapping method. You can design it at will. However, our usual method is to fold the tape into two parts to form two rope ends. The two rope heads respectively pass through the holes on the left and right sides of the back of the garment, and are worn from top to bottom and cross-punched. As they pass through the middle of the back, leave two parallel holes on either side and continue to cross the lower end of the garment. When you are wearing the bottom end, tie the two rope ends together, then return to the parallel hole in the middle of the back and pull the two double wires from the two parallel holes as a pull ring.
9. Can a person wear it?
A person can wear it, but wearing an imperfect effect, someone has to help pull the back strap to wear the perfect effect. However, after a long time, wearing the habit, a person can wear the perfect effect.
10. What is the cloth of the triangle received?
What is the use of an extra rope? Some styles have panties and are triangular thongs. It is almost useless, and many girls have thrown them. Some styles come with a spare strap, which is the strap on the back, but not every one has to be sent.

Attention Please:

Please read our size chart carefully which may be different from other clothes and your local size chart. If you are not sure what size you need, please contact us.

Please hand wash only, let the corset using more longer.

Please make sure your order information again before you place the orders.

Color Differences

All the products displayed are 100% real, and we take the photos by ourselves. But there are also some color shading because of the light.

Returns & Refund

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Bustiers & Corsets

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Polyester, COTTON, Synthetic Leather

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Sexually Suggestive


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